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We have the expertise to handle all your Manufacturing needs with high quality and precision.


Sheet Metal forming

CNC punching, laser cutting , and Press-break bending, sheet metal materials up to 4 mm thick and 1.25 by 3 meters long

Busbar manufacturing

CNC Busbar machining , Cutting, drilling, punching , hydrulic press bending

Electrostatic Painting

Automatic Electrostatic painting, three stage cleaning and degreasing, drying, and Robotic Powder coating


Sheet metal Forming

Laser Cutting with high Precision and accuracy , facilitating the needed and most complicated designs




Distribution boards


Using the best sheet metal available with low carbon percentage and high-quality Busbars up to 99.9% copper






Machining Quality

CNC Punching, cutting, and CNC bending with guaranteed dimensions accuracy





Paint quality

Lasts a life-time

Electrostatic painting with great vivid colors to match every costumer taste, and with high quality that can withstand different climate conditions.


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